Caregivers’ Village Is Closing

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April 25, 2018

The Beginning

When I first became interested in the topic of caregiving, I had no idea that it would shape my life’s purpose. I was attending lots of classes and professional conferences. And more and more, I saw the topic “caregiving” listed in the program books. I was intrigued. Partly because I love the way the word sounds. There’s a fluffiness to it. And ease. It sounds sweet. Try frowning when you say it. I bet you can’t.

But the other part wasn’t fluff at all. I learned that I had an invisible identity. I was a caregiver. I wasn’t just doing the shopping, or taking the late night phone calls or constantly fussing at my dad to follow doctor’s orders. I was changing internally. I was worrying and burning out. I was stuck. I was a caregiver. But there were ways to do it better.

The Journey

I started Caregivers’ Village as a Facebook page. Just a place to share interesting articles and education. Then I decided to write a little bit about it. And so the blog was born. Along the way, I’ve grappled with what to do with the blog. How to make it better and more accessible to the people who need it most. I wanted to address people who were hurting, grieving, and just plain lost in caregiving. But that is a task way too big for me alone.

And then something happened. My father died. And in his absence, I shifted my worry to the invention. I started a business, and I took my time considering where the blog should journey. I’m not a caregiver anymore. Not for now at least. So where does that leave me?

Looking Ahead

I’ve hungered to relaunch Caregiver’s Village as a one-stop shop for caregivers. As a space for comfort and education. But moving forward has proven difficult and now I understand why. Growth is necessary. I have outgrown Caregivers’ Village, but I will never outgrow educating caregivers. It deserves a bigger, better more targeted platform.

And so, Caregivers’ Village will close at the end of May 2018. If the last two years of my life have taught me nothing else, they have taught me that transition is necessary for growth.

More than you’ll ever know, I am forever grateful to everyone who has followed and engaged with Caregivers’ Village. Today, there are so many wonderful blogs and organizations that expertly cater to caregivers. In the coming days, I’ll provide a list of some of them.

Something New

So, what’s next?

I will be launching a new platform in June. I’m choosing June because it’s the month of my dad’s birthday, and mine too. And I can’t think of a better way to enter another year of my life. Until then, I welcome you to keep following me for updates as they emerge.  

Again, thank you for your support.



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