Dear Reader,

Another 24 hours hovers above us, and we don’t know what it will bring. As a culture that is fully immersed in social media, we thrive on learning the most up to date facts as they happen. We want to read about them. But we also want to read what others have to say about them. And we want to see accompanying photos and videos. Social media has left little to the imagination of of yesterday.

One could also argue that social media works as a remedy for naivete. As humans, we make all sorts of assumptions about human nature and interestingly, we tend to presume the best in others. We don’t really want to believe that one human would knowingly harm another based on their identity. But it is happening before our eyes, and at alarming rates. The hashtags keep flowing, and we aren’t quite sure when or if they will end.

So. How do we practice self care during times such as these? Is it enough to disengage from social media, even when it’s often the only outlet we have to express how we feel? Is it enough to ignore the news, or to brush off the facts and continue on with life as usual? These are just a few questions that I’m asking as I search for ways to find even a sliver of healing during what feels like a massacre. There are folks who refer to self care as a “revolutionary act”. It is that and more. It is an act of protection, and survival. Without it, it would be impossible to eat, sleep, work, love and all of the other human-ing that we need to do.

In times such as these, be mindful of how much “news” you allow into your mind space. It’s natural to check those notifications, but try to limit it. And be cautious about those who you engage in conversations that you know touch a tender spot. Let’s be a village that checks in and asks, “have you eaten today?” or “how did you sleep last night?”. Let’s be a village that begins care from within, but also recognizes the value of advocacy, and the harm of remaining silent. Change will not come without challenge.

Keep taking care,

D. Southern


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