What is Caregiving?

Dear Reader,

Lately, the term “caregiving” has been popping up everywhere. We discuss it as though it is a new and trendy topic, something that suddenly demands our attention. And to a certain degree, we’re right. Caregiving is an important phenomena along the human life spectrum. And although this isn’t the first time in history that caregiving has ever occurred, this is certainly a unique time in history for it. As most of you know, our population is aging rapidly. In addition, family sizes have decreased. Families often live far apart, and today women are working as many hours as men are working. More women are raising children, working and caring for an elderly parent or other relative all at the same time.


Caregiving isn’t a new phenomena. For ages, people have cared for babies, for people with disabilities, for the elderly, and for the ill. Even if we have a clean bill of health, most of us can think of a time in our lives when we depended on someone else for care and nurturing. So what is caregiving? It’s a part of the life span. It is something that we do, and then something that is done for us. It is a process of giving, nurturing, and sometimes frustration.

You’re hearing about caregivng more and more because it’s important. And it affects us all. Caregivers need support, education, resources and advocates. We’re thrilled to see more people engaging in discussion around caregiving. It’s the beginning of a revolution in how we participate as members of our families and communities.

Keep taking care,

D. Southern


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